Thursday, March 3, 2011

Building a Showman's Caravan Part 4

Form and function.... that is paramount at this point.
I want to make sure that this Showman's Caravan can be pulled by a couple of large horses. So the next step is designing the front drivers area, so that there is enough room for the driver to sit without taking up to much room from the caravan living quarters. (And YES, eventually we will have a fully livable working interior!)
The front framed in
sitting in drivers seat
 Once the driver's area had been framed, we could then put the first of the walls in place. This was an exciting time... because now we could start to see a solid shape and begin to visualize the next steps even even more.
Front area filled in!
Front from a side angle, with cardboard valance (just playing with ideas)
With the front walls in place, Ward started to frame in the back door to the caravan.
The back porch was going to be VERY fancy, because I wanted a place to rest and sit during the summer days between shows that was cozy and comfortable.
Ward framing in back door
 This was a very exciting time, because Ward, Jess and I could see great potential in the design and were now looking forward to putting up the rest of the walls.

This part of the story is short, although it took a while for us to build these two areas. I stop here until the next installation of the story... because the next time we meet, we will be putting up the walls EVERYWHERE! and you will see the basic form of the caravan as a solid piece of equipment. 


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  1. fantastic!,well done cannot wait to see some more pictures,really fancied building one at half scale due to limited budget,a work of art mate!