Monday, March 14, 2011

Building a Showman's Caravan Part 7

With the bulk of the building completed, it now came time to paint and detail the Showman's Caravan. THIS is what truly sets a Showman's Caravan apart from a normal pioneering caravan... the ART in the Detail.

Painting the upper over hang before applying first color.
It was fun deciding what colors to paint the whole thing, because it was going to be a HUGE undertaking and there were many different tones that were going to be added to the paint job.

The FIRST color to be applied to Caravan
 My first major color was the 'under-coat' that would be seen through the 'aging process' that I was going to embark on as more and more paint was applied.

Laying down the very FIRST stroke of the primary color!

The painting starts in earnest...
  It was an electric time period laying down the first major layer of paint... because suddenly, the Caravan was not just 'wood' anymore, but a structure that had a character of its own. 
The back porch with first layer of paint
The Caravan with its First MAJOR layer of paint!
The process of painting was and is a long slow process, because there are many layers and treatments to the paint that are to be applied to the Caravan. I have studied old pictures of Gypsy Vardo's (Gypsy Wagon Caravan's) and I want my Caravan to have the detail and grandeur of the old Gypsy Vardo's.

Soon, the Caravan will be completed, and the FINAL REVEAL will take place!

The story continues in Part 8

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