Thursday, March 10, 2011

Building a Showman's Caravan Part 6

Now that the walls were up, it came time to design the back door that I would make my entrance from for the Show. I wanted this door to have a mystical quality to it (not like the WHOLE Caravan LOL) It had to look archaic, so I decided on an old castle design.

Sketch of Door shape on wood for frame
Back Door frame cut out
I salvaged reclaimed barn wood, old and gray and tougher then nails.
Door roughed out
Door cut

I aged areas of the door even more with paint to make it look even more weathered.
Aging areas of the door
I wanted to have a portal in the door that I could peek out at if someone came up the porch, again, something that looked almost medieval. I also wanted all of the detailing on the door to look very old, and so I hunted for great old iron pieces at antique shops.
Door ready for placement
It was fun putting the door into place, because it added a new dimension of character to the Caravan.
Door in place
Door looking from inside of Caravan
The story continues in Part 7

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