Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Building a Showman's Caravan Part 3

One of the things that is going to bring this Showman's Caravan to life, is the details. Those little extra things you do to create something visually interesting.

Personally, I have always enjoyed this side of producing. For years I have searched Antique Shops and surplus stores for little bits of strangeness that would soon become a part of a project. Hell, I have boxes of gizmo's and weird little curios, just waiting to find a place in one of my contraptions or shows.

Disney said, 'Every DETAIL is important', and I believe this to be so.

I want the public to get as close as they want to the Caravan and see that no detail has been left out of the creation of this show piece.

One of the things I thought would be cool as a part of the actual caravan exterior, would be a Steam Powered Distillery, that would be revealed during the show. and the thing that would make it most intriguing is, it would work. Gears, wheels and cogs would be moving constantly as it chugged out a strange steam from a smoke stack.
Some of the things I had accumulated for the Caravan
The idea has been in my head to build some kind of machine like this for years... and now, we have slowly built something that works.
Working on the Strange Distillery Machine
A close-up of some of the components to the Machine
One of the other things that make a Showman's Caravan, is the carved wood, so I have tried to find as many carved wood pieces as possible in my travels and also have tinkered with some carving myself.
Some of the wood detailing for the Caravan
The roof has some major trim going around the top that was put in place when we attached to ceiling to the roof.
First part of trim attached to the roof

Second part of trim added 
And with the roof done, the frame of the Caravan is now completed and ready for some walls.
The Frame is done!



  1. It is really coming along. All that prep time cruising those antique and junk stores is paying off big time now. Just taking a break from my own wagon's work myself.