Friday, March 18, 2011

Building a Showman's Caravan Part 8

Now that the under color has been applied to the Caravan, it was now time to start to add the top-coat and begin the aging process. The first color (purple) was applied because I wanted a strong color beneath the crimson that would really show through and look a bit out of place.
Ward adding the first layer of crackle finish to the side of the Caravan
 Ward and I started to add the crackle medium in LARGE doses, all over the Caravan.
I am adding crackle coat to the front
 We had to work fast and also did a few tests first, to make sure that we could crackle such a huge surface.
It was a tense hour as we applied the crackle, hoping to HELL it would work.
 Once the secret crackle medium was applied and begun to dry, Ward took a large spray gun and started to paint the top-coat onto the sides.
Applying the crimson top-coat
 At first we did not see much happening to the paint... but over an hour, it started to crackle reeeal nice.
Let the cracklin' begin!
During this time, Jess was painting more wooden lettering for the Caravan, because  I wanted alot of 3-D wood on the Caravan. Jess was a great help in getting the crackle done in record time, as she took one end of the Caravan I took another and Ward worked the side, so we finished the crackle coat all at the same time. This was very helpful because, the application of the top-coat had to happen all at once with no real breaks or the finish would not match up.
Jess painting more letters
The lettering was then attached and was then aged to match the rest of the Caravan.
Lettering started and I have begun the aging process
We also designed and built doors to cover the mysterious machine when it was not in use.
EVERYTHING was made from scratch, NO store bought doors.

The doors were then painted and attached to the Caravan.
The doors are to be aged and strange images will be painted on them

It was fun aging the Caravan, there were so many nooks and crannies to play with. And I added many different layers of subtle color into the cracks and wood grain.
This is just the beginning of the details to come....
The story continues in Part 9


  1. And YOU wanted cabinets from ME? Your talents are many, and amazingly powerful. This is the most wonderful project ever!